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Snow and Ice Safety Tips

SourceGas would like to remind you:
Stay Safe!  Keep snow away from your gas meter.

Keep your home or business safe by preventing damage to your gas meter and piping from snow and ice. Buildup of snow or ice can damage your gas meter and external pipes, cause inaccurate meter readings and limit access to your gas meter in case of an emergency.

:: Carefully remove snow or ice! Use a broom or remove snow and ice by hand. Shovels may damage the pipes, which may create a safety hazard.

:: Don't hit, kick or use sharp objects to remove snow or ice from your gas meter or piping.

:: Avoid using a snow blower near the meter and piping. Don't pile snow up against your gas meter or appliance vents.
::  Protect your meter set! Where snow and ice are a threat, we strongly encourage you to construct a cover over the meter set to protect it from falling ice and snow. However, you should not fully enclose the meter or hamper the ability to service the equipment.

:: Ice and snow falling or being shoveled off of roofs onto meters
and gas piping can cause damage resulting in gas leaks which
could cause a potential fire or explosion. In addition, prevent
dripping water from leaky or clogged eaves and downspouts,
which may freeze on your gas meter or vents.

:: Keep the vents clear!  The vents on regulators must be open and free of debris in order to function properly. If the vents are plugged, such as when a meter set is totally covered with snow, the gas flow may be interrupted, causing a loss of heat.

:: If your meter is near a sidewalk, driveway or street, make sure it is visible to snowplow drivers.

We are also taking steps to prepare for winter.

You may notice tall poles or flags attached to meters in problem areas where there is the potential for snow plow damage. By working together we will be able to ensure the safety and reliability of your natural gas delivery this coming winter.

And always, if you smell natural gas or suspect a leak,
leave the area immediately and call 911 or our 24-hour emergency number: