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Natural Gas Safety for Kids

Our friends at the Common Ground Alliance and
Williams Gas Pipeline have created a fun pirate video about why it's so important to call 811 before anyone in the family digs in the yard -
click here to watch the 811 Children's Pirate Safety Video
Visit for more information.

Want to learn how natural gas gets from the ground to your home or school?
click here to learn more about Natural Gas Distribution for Kids

BUD the Call 811 mascottBUD (Before U Dig), the Call 811 mascot,
has some great advice for calling before
you dig, too:

BUD can teach kids how to detect
a natural gas pipeline leak, too
click here

Wondering what those colored flags
in your yard mean after you call 811?
Click here to find out what they mark

Fun & Games: 
Download BUD's coloring book
Download the 811 activity sheet