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Pipeline Integrity Management Program

As a committed leader in the safety of our customers, employees, and environment, SourceGas has implemented a rigorous pipeline safety program across our entire system. Our company has always valued safety as our number one priority, and recent efforts by federal and state regulators to improve pipeline safety standards have helped us maximize the effectiveness of our own initiatives. Officially, these initiatives are collectively referred to as “Integrity Management Programs” (IMP); however, at SourceGas we just call it “good business.”

The SourceGas IMP plan is a comprehensive mix of pipeline inspections, monitoring, and replacement, as well as best-in-class standards for pipeline construction, maintenance, and operation. We also invest heavily in community awareness and training with local emergency response departments – turning excavators, first responders, and community leaders into partners in pipeline safety. In short, our Integrity Management Program helps us meet the highest standards that make us the premier energy provider in the communities we serve.

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