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Payment Options

Pay by Mail

Send the lower half of your bill along with your payment, check or money order; please do not send cash to our Remittance Processing Center. Write your Customer Number on your check or money order to ensure proper posting of your payment.

P.O. Box 660474
Dallas, TX 75266-0474

Electronic Funds Transfer

The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) allows you to have your monthly billing automatically deducted from the checking or savings account you designate. Your monthly bill is drawn from your bank account approximately 15 days from your billing date. Call us to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer. EFT means no checks to write, no bills to lose or mail, and no late fees.

Pay by Credit Card

For your convenience, you can make recurring or one-time payments with a credit card you designate. To make a payment using a credit card, call us at 1.800.563.0012, or click on the Account Login button in the top left corner to set up or log into your account.

Balanced Billing payment plan

If you would like to avoid the highs and lows associated with normal monthly natural gas billing, ask us about Balanced Billing!

The SourceGas Balanced Billing Plan will calculate your monthly bill based on a 360 day “rolling average” of current and historical costs plus an adjustment factor designed to eliminate the true-up. This monthly rolling adjustment will help protect against larger fluctuations you may have experienced in the past. Your “New Balance Due” will adjust from month to month as a result of the calculation process. Click here for more information!