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Meter Reading, Dispatch & Call Center

Meters and Meter Reading

Customers are billed for actual gas consumed based on monthly meter readings. SourceGas owns and maintains the gas meter and the piping leading to the meter from the distribution or mainline. Meters are read monthly and routinely tested according to established tariffs on file with each state regulatory body. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have 24-hour access to the meter and the area around it. If you have a pet or other meter access issue, please contact us to make special arrangements, as the safety of our employees and your pet is important to us.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

At SourceGas we’re doing what we can to keep our costs in check while improving customer service at the same time. With the introduction of our new automated meter reading (AMR) system completed in 2005, we are going one step further to better serve you. Technicians installed Encoder Receiver Transmitters, or ERTs, on all the meters in our three-state service area.

SourceGas field personnel can now read meters without having to enter a customer’s yard, and it will increase the accuracy of meter readings. We will be able to collect the meter read electronically from a company vehicle. SourceGas may still need to access your gas meter occasionally for maintenance and safety surveys, or in case of emergency.

Estimated Readings

Sometimes SourceGas must estimate readings due to inclement weather or access barriers. When your meter has been estimated, you will see EST in place of the meter reading on your bill. Estimates are done electronically and are based on historical usage for the premise and rate classification parameters. Estimated accounts are corrected to reflect actual consumption with the next actual meter read.

Customer Care Call Center

If one of our customers experiences a problem with their natural gas service or any of their appliances, our call center is available to provide answers and send a certified SourceGas technician out to address the issue. Simply call 1.800.563.0012 to schedule service. Starting in September, 2009, our new business hours will be 8am-7:30pm Central time (7am-6:30pm Mountain time), Monday through Friday, with 24x7 coverage for emergency calls, such as gas leaks or no heat.

Mobile Dispatch

In order to make sure that our customers are serviced promptly, we’ve designed a satellite-directed response system that allows our technicians to get to the problem and get it fixed faster than ever before.

You depend on SourceGas to be there for you. So we’re always doing what we can to meet your expectations. Or exceed them.

Energy, Re-Energized.