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About Natural Gas

Natural Gas is one of the principle sources of energy for many of our day-to-day needs and activities.

According to the Energy Information Administration, energy from natural gas accounts for 24 percent of total energy consumed in the United States, making it a vital component of the nation's energy supply.

Not only is natural gas efficient and a great value, it also has a number of varied uses. The best known uses for natural gas around the home are heating, cooking and drying clothes.

Natural gas is one of the most popular fuels for residential heating. According to the AGA, 58.2 percent of heated homes in the U.S. use natural gas heating*

Cooking with a natural gas range or oven can provide many benefits, including easy temperature control, self ignition and self cleaning, as well as being approximately one-half the cost of cooking with an electric range. Many of the top chefs prefer natural gas ranges for their quick heating ability and temperature control. Gone are the days of temperamental natural gas ranges, the newer generations of natural gas ranges allow for some of the most efficient, economical, and versatile cooking appliances ever.

A natural gas dryer is more efficient than its electric counterpart. Saving time and money are only two of the reasons why a natural gas dryer is the smart choice.

At SourceGas we use the latest technology to get energy to you in the most efficient way. That keeps the costs down for all of us.

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* Source: AGA publication: Space Heating Market Trends in the New, Single-Family Home Market.