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Energy Saving Tips

Take control of your energy bills: conserving energy saves you money.

There's a lot you can do to manage your energy bills. Using energy wisely has always been the best way to control costs, so we've gathered some energy-saving tips from the Department of Energy to help you do everything you can to manage your energy use.

We can offer you dozens of ways to cut your energy consumption. The new energy-efficient appliances we offer are tremendously economical, and knowing how to moderate your thermostat when you’re asleep or not home can cut your monthly heating bill significantly.

Other common practices that can help you save energy include:
  • Replacing your furnace filter every 30-60 days
  • Have your heating system checked annually
  • Adjust register openings, especially in seldom-used rooms
  • Use draperies, blinds or curtains to slow heat loss at windows
  • Turning down the thermostat even a few degrees saves energy
  • A programmable thermostat makes it easy to lower the temperature while you're away or sleeping.
  • Re-caulk windows and doorways to reduce air infiltration. Install weather-stripping along the bottom of doors, or place draft blockers in front of the door.
  • A humidifier can reduce energy because moist air feels warmer than dry air
  • Use ventilating fans sparingly in cold weather
  • Cover windows with plastic to keep out cold air.
  • Keep wood-burning fireplace dampers tightly closed until you prepare to light a fire.
  • Install storm windows and doors.
  • Convert your electric furnace to a high-efficiency natural gas heating system. If you plan to buy a new heating system, call SourceGas at 1.800.563.0012 for information about the latest technologies available.

Talk to us about all these options and more that are available to you when it comes to saving energy. And saving money.

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