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Wyoming FAQ

What is the Choice Gas Program?

The Choice Gas Program is an annual program administered by SourceGas Distribution LLC (SourceGas Utility) that gives customers the opportunity to choose a natural gas supplier and Pricing Option that best suits their needs.

Para información en español sobre el programa “Choice Gas” favor de llamar al número gratis 1.877.245.3506.

What is the benefit of the Choice Gas Program?

In a word, “choice.” Because the Choice Gas Program allows customers to choose their natural gas Supplier and Pricing Option, they have an opportunity to manage gas supply price risk and volatility to meet their individual needs. The Choice Gas Program selection period in Wyoming begins Friday April 8, 2016, and ends Thursday, April 28, 2016.

What are the key sources of information regarding the 2016-17 Choice Gas Program?

• Internet websites and phone numbers for each Supplier are available under Supplier Links to easily access additional information about the Supplier and their Pricing.
• A toll-free number that provides prerecorded competitive price quotes from all participating Suppliers (1-866-432-6200).
• The Guide book mailed to customers in April.

How do customers select their Supplier?

Customers can automatically roll over to their current Supplier and Pricing Option, or submit a selection through the Internet, directly through their chosen Supplier, or by U.S. Mail (these choices are collectively referred to as “accepted submission methods”). The Choice Gas Program selection period in Wyoming begins Friday April 8, 2016, and ends Thursday, April 28, 2016.

What constitutes a “valid” selection?

A selection is considered valid when a customer submits their choice through one of the accepted submission methods, on or before Thursday, April 28, 2016. It is important to note that confirmation codes are time-sensitive, therefore customers should check with their Supplier on its expiration date. The first valid selection received will be considered the customer’s final choice. Customers should record their verification number if submitting their selection via the Internet. Mailed selection forms must be signed by the customer to be considered valid.

What if a customer does not make a selection?

If a valid selection is not submitted on or before Thursday, April 28, 2016, the customer’s account auto­matically rolls over to their current Supplier and Pricing Option, at a price to be deter­mined by the Choice Gas Supplier. If a customer rolls over any Choice Gas Pricing Option, the final rate will be made publicly available no later than 15 days after the Selection Period ends. The natural gas commodity price that Choice Gas rollover customers will be charged will not carry over from the previous year unless agreed to by the Supplier. We encourage customers to participate in the selection process to ensure they know the price of the gas commodity they will receive for the upcoming year.

If a customer intends to roll over their selection, what happens if that Supplier has exited the Program or discontinued that Pricing Option?

Customers will be notified if their current Supplier exits the Choice Gas Program or if their Supplier discontinues a customer’s Pricing Option. Customers will default to the Pass-On Rate [Regulated Rate] unless a new Pricing Option is selected from the current Supplier, or a new Supplier and Pricing Option is selected during the selection period. The Pass-On Rate [Regulated Rate] will continue to be the default option for customers who did not select a Choice Gas Supplier for the preceding year.

What happens if a customer moves during the Choice Gas Program year?

If a customer moves from one service address to another, or a new customer moves to a service address within the Choice Gas Program territory, that customer will continue with the Supplier previously selected for that address. New construction customers will be provided with a selection packet via U.S. Mail, and if that customer does not make a selection, they will default to the Pass-On Rate [Regulated Rate]. For additional questions regarding natural gas service issues, call 1.800.563.0012.

Does the Choice Gas Program affect the quality of distribution service?

No. Regardless of the customer’s selection, SourceGas will continue to provide meter reading and billing services, respond to gas leaks, and ensure the safety and reliability of the gas supply to Choice Gas Program communities.

Are the Suppliers reliable?

Yes. Participating Suppliers must meet certain requirements set forth in SourceGas’ tariff, as approved by the Wyoming Public Service Commission.

Where can more information about the Suppliers be found?

More information about the Suppliers, such as websites and phone numbers can be found by clicking on Supplier Links, as well as on page 10 of the Guide mailed to customers in April.

Is Balanced Billing available to all customers?

[Please Note: Balanced Billing is not Fixed Monthly Bill]
Yes. The Balanced Billing Plan (formerly Budget Billing) will calculate your monthly bill based on a “rolling average” of current and historical costs and an adjustment factor, based on a period of at least 360 days. This monthly rolling adjustment will help protect against larger fluctuations you may have experienced in the past. Your “New Balance Due” will adjust from month to month as a result of the calculation process. The monthly adjustment eliminates the need for an annual true-up of the customer account.
If you are a current Balanced Bill customer and select a Pricing Option that provides a set monthly bill amount, your out­standing balance will be due in full.

What is the Multi-Year Selection Option?

With SourceGas’s Choice Gas program, you can now choose a Supplier and Pricing Option for up to 3 years!* Customers selecting a multi-year term through their Supplier will know their Pricing Option and rate not only for the new program year (June-May), but for future program years as well.
As a customer selecting a multi-year term, you will not, during the term of your selection:
  • Receive an annual selection packet
  • Receive Supplier marketing contact
  • Be eligible to make another selection
All Choice Gas selections are specific to a customer’s current service address and are nontransferable. Multi-year selection options are customer and service address specific so if you move during the term of a multi-year selection, you will be eligible to make a selection at your new service address during the next annual Choice Gas selection period.
* A Residential customer may select a term up to 2 years, and a Commercial or Industrial customer may select a term up to 3 years. Check with your Supplier regarding any applicable terms and conditions or early termination charges or fees that may apply.

SourceGas encourages customers to actively participate in the Choice Gas program, choosing a natural gas supplier, pricing option and term that best suits their needs. For more information on multi-year options please contact one of the Choice Gas participating Suppliers.

Is my contact information shared with the participating suppliers?

In order to provide Customers with timely information to help them make the Choice Gas selection that best suits their needs, the participating Suppliers may contact you via telephone or email to share their individual offerings. SourceGas provides all Suppliers with the telephone number and email address contact information that you may have provided for your SourceGas account.

While we want Customers to have the opportunity to receive this additional information from the Suppliers, we also understand that phone calls and emails may be burdensome. Each Supplier is limited on the frequency and amount of contacts they make with a Customer.If you no longer want to receive these communications from a Supplier, request to be removed from their call list or opt out of email communications. Once a Customer has completed a successful selection for their service address, no further contact from Suppliers should be received.

If you have additional questions about Choice Gas, please call 1.877.245.3506