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Selection Process

Understanding the Selection Process

Customers are given the opportunity to select a Choice Gas Program Supplier and Pricing Option on an annual basis.

The Choice Gas Program selection period in Wyoming starts
Friday, April 8 and ends Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 11:00 p.m. (MST).

If you are satisfied with your current Supplier and Pricing Option, you do not have to make a selection. You may do nothing, and you will automatically roll over to your current Supplier and Pricing Option at a price to be determined by the Choice Gas supplier. If you roll over any Choice Gas Pricing Option, your final rate will be made publicly available no later than 15 days after the Selection Period has ended. The natural gas commodity price that the Choice Gas rollover customers will be charged will not carry over from the previous year unless agreed to by the Supplier.

If you would like to choose a new supplier and/or Pricing Option:

1. Use the worksheet found on page 16 the Guide (it will ensure you have all required information prior to submitting your selection).

2. Contact each Supplier (via telephone or through their websites) - contact information is located under Supplier Links, as well as in the Participating Suppliers section of the Guide on page 10.

3. Choose a Supplier and Pricing Option, and obtain the applicable Confirmation Code from your Supplier. (Make sure to verify with your Supplier the amount of time the Confirmation Code is valid.)

4. Submit your selection via Internet, Mail or Supplier. If you experience any problems, or have questions regarding this process, please call 1.877.245.3506 for further assistance.