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Supplier Gas Pricing Options

Price quotes are available by calling 1-866-432-6200 or by going to the Participating Suppliers' websites. The natural gas Suppliers participating in the Choice Gas Program offer customers a variety of pricing options, including the ones below. Suppliers may offer additional pricing options with caps and/or floors that ensure your rate will not go above or below a certain price. Check each of the Suppliers’ websites for details about these and other pricing options they offer.

Fixed Rate Per Therm

A 12-month gas price per therm that is fixed or “locked in”. This means that even if market prices change, your gas price per therm is locked in for the entire Choice Gas Program year. Your gas bill will vary based upon gas usage only.

Market Index Rate

A month-to-month market gas price per therm that changes each month based upon market price fluctuations. This price includes two components that should be considered when comparing market index prices: 1) The market index value used, and 2) the adder.

The index value of your price follows market changes each month, while the Adder remains constant throughout the Choice Gas Program year.

Blended Rate

A combination of monthly market index and/or fixed prices per therm. If a fixed price component is included, a portion of your gas usage is locked in at a fixed price. The gas price for the remaining portion of your gas usage will follow market changes during the Choice Gas Program year.

Fixed Monthly Bill

[Please Note: This is not Balanced Billing]
A fixed monthly bill that includes your commodity costs, customer charges, distribution fees and the associated taxes and fees. The fixed monthly amount will not change during the Choice Gas Program year, regardless of changes to gas prices or weather-related gas usage, subject to terms and conditions. Unlike Balanced Billing, there is no monthly or periodic adjustment.

Pass-On Rate [Regulated Rate]

A per therm price based upon the Utility’s projected cost of purchasing gas for resale. The Utility is required to exercise reasonable prudence in purchasing gas and is entitled to recover its actual cost of gas. The Utility’s cost of the natural gas is passed on dollar-for-dollar. The Public Service Commission does not regulate market prices, however, it does regulate other aspects of the Pass-On Rate [Regulated Rate].

The per therm gas price will be reviewed frequently, and changed periodically, based upon forward-looking market price fluctuations during the Choice Gas Program year. Prices also include surcharges (positive or negative) related to prior period true-up adjustments between the projected and actual gas prices and volumes. True-up surcharge adjustments will be made as needed during each Choice Gas Program year in order to track and recover the actual cost of gas from customers who receive service under the Pass-On Rate [Regulated Rate] during each Program year.