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The Colorado Choice Gas Program

What is Choice Gas?

  • Choice Gas is an annual program administered by SourceGas Distribution LLC (SourceGas Distribution) that gives customers the opportunity to choose a natural gas supplier and competitive pricing option that best
    suits their needs.
  • Choice Gas is natural gas deregulation, or a type of unbundling, which allows greater flexibility in price and service options to be offered to SourceGas Distribution customers in the identified Colorado service areas.
  • In Colorado, the program will be known as the Colorado Choice Gas Program.

How does the Colorado Choice Gas Program differ from the current system?

  • Currently, SourceGas Distribution purchases natural gas on behalf of its customers on a dollar-for-dollar basis, without realizing any profit or loss. Customers pay a Gas Cost Adjustment Rate (GCA) to reimburse the Company for the actual cost of the natural gas.
  • In the Colorado Choice Gas Program, customers will be able to select market-driven options from other natural gas suppliers. If no choice is made, customers will continue to receive the GCA Rate through SourceGas Distribution.

Who is eligible to participate in the Colorado Choice Gas Program?

  • More than 62,000 SourceGas Distribution customers located in the Western Slope and North Eastern service areas.

How will the Colorado Choice Gas Program work?

  • Takes advantage of a competitive marketplace.
  • Customers choose between SourceGas Distribution and other qualifying suppliers to be their natural gas supplier.
  • The selection period for the Colorado Choice Gas Program occurs in April, and the program year will run June through May.
  • Customers will receive a selection packet to choose among participating companies.
  • If no selection is made, customer continues to receive the GCA Rate through SourceGas Distribution.
  • All suppliers will transport their gas through SourceGas Distribution pipelines.

What does not change?

  • Regardless of supplier, SourceGas Distribution will continue to provide billing, new connections, and meter readings, respond to gas leaks, and ensure the safety and reliability of the gas supply to the Colorado Choice Gas Program communities.
  • Customers will continue to receive one gas bill from SourceGas Distribution.
  • Customers will continue to receive gas the same way through SourceGas Distribution pipelines and meters.

How do SourceGas Distribution customers benefit?

  • Opportunity to choose the gas provider that fits customer’s individual needs.
  • More choice of innovative and competitive pricing plans.
  • SourceGas Distribution has substantial experience offering Choice Gas Programs in Wyoming and Nebraska, which will be a benefit to implementation in Colorado. In Wyoming, Choice Gas has been offered since 1996, and Nebraska Choice Gas was implemented in 1998.

What are examples of natural gas price options?

  • See our chart below.

How will the Colorado Choice Program begin?

  • SourceGas Distribution will make a filing with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission seeking approval of the Colorado Choice Gas Program. The program will begin following the CPUC’s approval.

Where can I learn more about the Colorado Choice Gas Program and Choice Gas programs offered by SourceGas Distribution in other states?

  • We will continue to update this page (, click Colorado)
  • Be on the lookout for more information detailing the program to arrive in your mailbox in the coming months.