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Dear Choice Gas Agricultural Customers:

Welcome to the 2016 Agricultural Choice Gas Program — the program that lets you choose your natural gas supplier. If you have not already made your natural gas supplier selection for the 2016 program year, the annual Selection Period is your opportunity to make your selection. Your selection form is enclosed for your use, and includes your 2015 usage information. Selections must be made by Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016.

You may select your Supplier and Price Option any time during the program year, prior to the annual Selection Period deadline. For example, you may select your Supplier in October to begin your service in the next program year. Please contact any of the participating Suppliers for further information. Multi-year Supplier agreements are administered by SourceGas so you are not required to make a selection every year during the multi-year agreement. Customers are encouraged to make sure they understand the pricing option provided by their Supplier and that agreements are explicit to the Price Option and length of the term.

Listed below are the 2016 Ag Choice Gas distribution rates. As in the past, the step rate volumes are calculated on an annual basis for all volumes billed April through March. This step pricing creates more savings opportunities for multiple engines behind a single meter, regardless of the horsepower. There is still no demand charge for this 100% un-interrupted service! Natural gas remains the most affordable non-interruptible energy for irrigation and grain drying.

2016 Ag Choice Distribution Rates
Annual Step Volumes
Summer Rates 
per therm 
for Volumes billed 
Winter Rates 
per therm 
for Volumes billed 
0-5,000 Therms $0.5089 $0.5089
Over 5,000 Therms $0.1702 $0.2306

Plan to Attend an Open House Near You

Click here for a list of meeting dates and locations
Bring your packet and make your choices that day! Pick up a gift, enjoy coffee and rolls or come for lunch between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., and enter to win a Craftsman® Mechanic’s Tool Kit.  Spend as little or as much time as you want — we’d love to see you!  If you have questions, please call SourceGas at 1.877.245.3506  

To make your selection, follow the following steps for each of your accounts.

Select Your Supplier

Choose a natural gas Supplier and pricing option via any of the three methods described below. Click here for Supplier contact information; however, you can also meet the Suppliers at an Open House (Click here for a list of meeting dates and locations) or call their toll-free numbers. If you do not choose a Supplier before the February 23rd selection deadline, you will automatically roll over to your 2015 Supplier and pricing option, provided that Supplier is participating in 2016.

Three Ways to Make Your Selection

You have three options for making your Selection during the Annual Selection Period:

• Supplier — You may request the Supplier submit your selection for you by contacting them directly and providing them with your Account and Control Numbers on or before Tuesday, February 23, 2016.
[Please Note: The Control Number is for each customer’s selection security, and if provided to a Supplier, the Customer has authorized the Supplier to submit their Choice Gas selection.]

• Internet — You may make your selection via the Internet on our secure Website between Monday, February 1 and Tuesday, 
February 23, 2016. Click on “Make Your Selection” and follow the instructions listed on that page.

• Mail — Selections may be made by completing the enclosed Selection Form and mailing it to Choice Gas, P.O. Box 406, Scottsbluff, NE 69363, postmarked on or before Tuesday, 
February 23, 2016.

Important Dates to Remember

  Monday, January 25
Selection packets mailed to customers that have not already made a selection for the 2015 Program year. If someone you know did not receive a packet, have them call us at 1.877.245.3506.
  Monday, February 1 Selection period begins. Internet selection method opens.
  Monday, February 1 to
  Friday, February 19
Open Houses (click here for dates & times).
  Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Deadline for making a Selection
  Friday, April 1, 2016 Agricultural Choice Gas Program year begins

Remember to come to the 
Ag Open Houses to talk to all the Suppliers, enjoy some refreshments, and enter to win a Craftsman® Tool Kit!  We’re looking forward to seeing you there.