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Rebate Programs

SourceGas is committed to helping our customers take action to significantly lower their natural gas bills. We encourage customers to install high-efficiency natural gas heating systems, energy-saving appliances, and conserve energy wherever possible.

In some of our service areas, we are able to help with the initial expense toward long-term savings. Please note that energy-efficiency programs are regulated by each state’s Public Utilities/Service Commissions and vary by state.

We are pleased to announce our 2015 incentive programs in Colorado
  • Click here for Residential and Small Commercial rebate information, or for more detailed information visit  Excess is Out

Excess Is Out

SourceGas offers incentives for Nebraska residential & commercial customers to install high-efficiency natural gas heating and water heating equipment. Click here for more information about Nebraska HEAT and HOT rebates.

We are currently working on incentive programs in Wyoming as well, and will inform our customers as these programs become available. Check back often to see if the state of Wyoming is promoting any new rebates.

In addition, please check out our Energy Saving Tips page for suggestions on steps you can take to help save money on your heating bills.

Energy, re-energized.