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Water Heating

If you replace an electric water heater with a natural gas water heater that’s the same size, you can heat the same amount of water for up to 50% less money*. Plus a natural gas water heater’s first hour recovery nearly doubles that of an electric unit further reducing the chance of a cold shower.

Call us at 1-800-563-0012 or stop by a SourceGas office near you to learn how a natural gas water heater can help save you money, and schedule an appointment for a convenient in-home bid. SourceGas financing is available, too, with approved credit.

Tankless Water Heaters

Unlike systems that waste energy to heat large tanks of water, Navien tankless units utilize .98¢ of every $1 to heat your water. Navien only fires up when hot water is needed allowing great utility savings and a lower impact on the environment.

Navien tankless heaters reduce CO2 output by 1,216.8 lbs* per year compared to traditional tank type heaters. This would be equal to saving 62 gallons of gasoline in your car.**

Navien NPE-Series tankless water heaters are the most efficient according to Energy Star.

Tank-style Water Heaters

Rheem ® high-efficiency natural gas water heaters are engineered to help lower your energy bills and provide exceptional reliability. They go the extra mile in safety innovation - and recover nearly twice as fast as electric models!
:: Outstanding value and performance
:: Help lower your energy bills
:: Exceptional reliability
:: Safety innovation
:: Recover nearly twice as fast as electric models!

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* Subject to your location, usage and local electric rates.