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Kitchen & Laundry Appliances


You may have never thought that a new dishwasher could cut your home’s energy bills, but it can.

When you have a new dishwasher installed, you’ll save money and your dishes will be cleaner than they’ve ever been before. Aside from having better cleaning power, today’s dishwashers are so quiet that you and your family may not even know when it’s running.

Stop by a SourceGas office to find the one that’s right for you.


If you bought your last clothes dryer just a decade ago, you’re paying far more in energy costs than you need to.

Today’s dryers feature faster drying times, better energy efficiency, and such a range of temperature and cycle options that doing your laundry can become a pleasure. Almost.

Here at SourceGas, we can switch out your present dryer with a new gas model that will help you cut your bills every month.


Your refrigerator is the center of your kitchen. It’s constantly being opened and closed—that’s why it takes up as much as 15 percent of all the energy your house uses. An older refrigerator can take up even more.

So it only makes sense that you put the most efficient refrigerator you can find into your home. The newer models that SourceGas offers you can be as much as 50 percent more energy efficient than your present refrigerator.

No matter what size or design you’re looking for in a refrigerator, you’ll find what you’re looking for from SourceGas.


Whether you choose a new front-load washers or an updated model of the old-style top-load machines, you’ll realize immediate returns.

First of all, today’s washers leave clothes noticeably cleaner than any older washers do. Second, they’re much more energy efficient than older washers—in fact, Whirlpool makes the most efficient washer in the industry and uses 77% less water & 81% less energy and is able to wash up to 18 pairs of jeans in a single load.

Check out the full line of washers SourceGas has available; you’ll realize cleaner, fresher clothing for your family, and lower bills for yourself.