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As members of your community, we at SourceGas are committed to being conscientious stewards of the environment we all share. And we put that commitment on display in everything we do.

One example of that commitment is the way we keep our pipelines in proper working order. Pipelines are the safest and most efficient way for us to transport natural gas to you—much safer than rail, barge or truck. But an elaborate pipeline system must be properly maintained to stay efficient and keep our communities safe.

A majority of our pipelines fall under the regulatory oversight of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Pipeline Safety and the operating conditions are monitored around the clock.

We also perform periodic inspections of the pipes ourselves from the outside and send sophisticated computerized equipment called “smart pigs” through the inside to confirm each pipe’s wall thickness.

In an effort to keep any customers from damaging a pipe and doing harm to themselves, SourceGas is also a member of many “Call-before-you-dig” programs. After all, the leading cause of all pipeline accidents is unauthorized digging and excavation projects.

Keeping the environment safe and clean is good for all of us, and continually educating our customers on the efforts we make to improve the environment is just one more way SourceGas is energy, re-energized.